Work Sharp Knife & Tool Sharpener, Precision Sharpening Guides with Premium Abrasive Belts, Fast, Easy, Repeatable, & Consistent Results, & can Sharpen Lawn, Garden, & Bladed Shop Tools

  • default - Work Sharp Knife & Tool Sharpener, Precision Sharpening Guides with Premium Abrasive Belts, Fast, Easy, Repeatable, & Consistent Results, & can Sharpen Lawn, Garden, & Bladed Shop Tools
    Work Sharp Knife & Tool Sharpener
  • default - Work Sharp Knife & Tool Sharpener, Precision Sharpening Guides with Premium Abrasive Belts, Fast, Easy, Repeatable, & Consistent Results, & can Sharpen Lawn, Garden, & Bladed Shop Tools
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  • default - Work Sharp Knife & Tool Sharpener, Precision Sharpening Guides with Premium Abrasive Belts, Fast, Easy, Repeatable, & Consistent Results, & can Sharpen Lawn, Garden, & Bladed Shop Tools
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The Work Sharp Knife & Tool Sharpener is an innovative abrasive belt sharpening system. The combination of flexible premium abrasive belts and precision sharpening guides create the sharpest blades you've ever had with speed, ease and repeatability. The sharpening guides are purpose built for Kitchen Knives, Outdoor Knives (hunting knives, pocket knives, filet knives, etc.) as well as scissors and serrated knives. This tool can also be used for many other sharpening tasks such as garden pruners, lawn mower blades, shovels and countless other bladed shop and garden tools. This tool is assembled and quality tested in Ashland Oregon and has a 1 year warranty. Includes a detailed Quick Start Guide and User's Guide.

Customer Reviews

If You Don’t Read and Follow the Instructions, You’re Going to Have a Bad Time

 on February 24, 2016
By Para Badge
Bought this to bring back the life to our kitchen knives and touch up our pocketknives. The instructions are extremely easy, this is possibly why people are making mistakes and feel they can just gloss over them. I would say there are 3 sets of instructions on how you can sharpen a blade; I prefer the ones located on the cardboard table. This system has already paid for itself since my husband and I did not need to buy new kitchen knives and or take them in on occasion. The construction is very solid and can turn the most novice knife sharpener into a pro if judging the blade edge. If you want to have razor sharp knifes on a moments notice this will exceed your expectations. Only thing I warn is yes the old saying is correct “A dull knife is more dangerous than a sharp one”. However, I would add a razor sharp blade is not as forgiving as a sharpened blade. After sharpening with this system be very careful your knives, they will be scary (in a pleasant way) sharp; more so than from the factory!

I crossed the "Line", I’m and glad I did!

 on February 20, 2014
By tikkidaddy
The Worksharp Knife & Tool Sharpener Ken Onion edition…For 7 months I debated w/ myself over and over about “biting the bullet” and getting a power tool to help me sharpen knives more efficently.

Your expectations will be the key.

 on January 4, 2016
By C. Mullins
I cannot see how anyone could give this a negative review if they use just some basic common sense and follow the instructions.

Great little sharpener. Beautiful convex edges. Tape the sides of your blades to avoid scratches.

 on February 27, 2018
By bubbadog
I really like the Ken Onion Work Sharp. I purchased it because I wanted to try convex edges on my knives without the risk of ruining them while learning to do it freehand. My first attempt on the Work Sharp involved a brand new Ontario Knives Rat-1, an inexpensive, well-made knife with a pretty AUS-8 satin finished blade. In just a few minutes, I was able to produce a razor-sharp, beautifully mirrored edge. I also produced a LOT of UGLY scratches on that pretty AUS-8 satin finish because the metal particles that come off the edge during sharpening build up on the angle guides. When you pull the knife through as instructed, you get scratches. I honestly don’t mind if my knives get banged up during use but I just can’t see defacing them during sharpening. It’s just not necessary. A quick search of Blade Forums confirmed others have experienced the same problem, especially with highly polished finishes. After reading a bit further, I decided to use painters tape on a different knife to protect the blade. Problem solved, a perfectly sharp convex edge in minutes and not a scratch to be seen. Other sharpeners like the Apex Edge Pro actually suggest this method. It would have been nice if the Work Sharp folks had done the same. Despite that issue, if you want to try convex edges, (they really are better), the Work Sharp is a great little machine at a fair price. I highly suggest reading the instructions carefully and taping the sides of your blades. Cheers and thanks for taking the time to read my review.

Great buy for anybody serious about sharpening

 on May 27, 2017
By Sardonick
I bought this originally so I could tear it apart and review that it was nothing but a fanboy product. I got so tired of hearing how great it was from all the tacti-morons. Well, I’m eating those words, because it actually IS great. Learning curve is very small, and when you use the right belts for the right blade, and realize to let it do the work without forcing it to, it works very, very well. It puts an edge on a dull knife from 420C to D2, S30V and CPM154. It polishes that edge. It hones it. I strop it anyway, and it makes short work of sharpening. I love using stones, but I do that for a hobby mostly. If I want a fast and sharp edge, I have this thing ready to go now. You don’t need the more expensive Ken Onion edition unless you have knives that fall out of the general category, the regular workshop will do fine. I’ve done outdoor knives up to and including a BK2 and small as a pocket folder. If you get the diamond belts, you can do ceramic knives as well and remove chips or hone the edges perfectly. Takes no skill to operate, but that’s assuming general intelligence and the ability to read instructions.

Get This Knife Sharpener!

 on October 17, 2013
By Ed Johansen
I have used every knife sharpening method available. From cheap carbide sharpeners to Japanese waterstones to expensive fixed angle sharpeners. This unit from Work Sharp is has made all those obsolete. I am talking about the Ken Onion Edition. Last year, I bought the original model Works Sharp model and it was good but had some shortcomings. All those shortcomings have been resolved with the Ken Onion Edition. The secret to using this or any belt sander is to start and stop the power with the knife on the belt. And NEVER let the heel or tip go more than half way across the belt. Anyone who complains about rounded tips hasn’t learned this. And it is explained very well in the instructions. Also, I ordered several additional 3/4 x 12 inch belts in varying grits from Econaway Abrasives (I don’t work for them) so I am set for years. If you are looking for the perfect gift for a hunter, fisherman, or knife enthusiast, then this is it!

Works Great!

 on July 6, 2016
By Amazon Customer
I was a little hesitant to purchase this sharpener. I’ve always used whetstones, but the time involved had me slackening off on sharpening my wife’s kitchen knives. Now I’m glad I bought it. It took about ten minutes of practice on an old “training” knife to get used to the feel and then I started on my wife’s knives and my EDC pocketknives. My advice to potential purchasers is to spend the extra for the Ken Onion version because of the variable speeds. Take your time, READ THE INSTRUCTIONS, and remember to use very light pressure against the guide. The guide doesn’t extend all the way across the belt, but if you work carefully you can hold the same angle all the way to the tip. I saw a YouTube review that said it was hard to sharpen small knives, but it seems to be working fine for me.

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