Wagner’s 62059 Greatest Variety Blend, 16-Pound Bag

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    Wagner’s 62059 Greatest Variety Blend, 16-Pound Bag Review
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    Wagners 62034 Greatest Variety Blend 6 Pound Bag
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    Wagner’s 62059 Greatest Variety Blend
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Wagner's Greatest Variety is our ultimate food for the greatest variety of birds. Just like people, different birds have different food preferences which is why we have included the greatest variety of bird food ingredients in this product. With these 11 carefully selected bird food ingredients, we guarantee that Wagner’s Greatest Variety will attract all your favorite songbirds to your feeder. The black oil sunflower, striped sunflower and sunflower chips, which together represent over 40% of the blend are the top food choice for the greatest number of wild bird species. By offering sunflower seeds in different sizes, both hulled and unhulled, birds of various sizes can find their favorite food. White millet, red millet, cracked corn, and red milo will attract a variety of ground feeders such as Tree Sparrows, Song Sparrows, House Sparrows, Dark-eyed Juncos, and Mourning Doves to your backyard. Nyjer, peanut kernels, canary seed and safflower, will attract specific species of preferred birds ranging from Cardinals, Chickadees and Titmice to Jays, Finches and Woodpeckers. Trust your backyard birds to the experts at Wagner’s.

Customer Reviews

Excellent mix of seeds and peanuts

 on January 25, 2014
By cln724
As soon as I opened the bag I could see this was much better stuff than what I’d been getting from the bulk-purchase store. The birds are loving it, I have a larger number and a larger variety than before.

Great bird seed but maybe a little too great?

 on August 5, 2017
By Rebecca Bradley
This is a great blend for a wide variety of birds. Since I’ve been using this, I’m getting tons of birds all day, every day. It’s actually getting a little out of hand, as you may be able to tell from the picture! The house finches have been numbering about 20 at a time, I get 6-7 doves, 4-5 red cardinals, 2 blue jays, 2 red winged blackbirds, a couple of brown thrushes, and about 8-10 blackbirds. I put a squirrel baffle on (purchased here on Amazon) because the squirrels were wiping the feeders out on a daily basis, but now with so many birds, I’m having to refill them every other day just for the birds! In the picture, both hanging feeders and the tray are empty, and I just filled them up yesterday afternoon. I may go back to just the Cardinal blend that I was buying before. I was still getting a mix of birds, but not quite so many of the small guys. I originally started feeding them because I love the cardinals. There is a family of 4-5 that live close by and I wanted to encourage them. The rest of the birds were a happy result, but those finches are ravenous little suckers! I’m not sure I can afford them lol

I wish bird see wasn’t this expensive BUT the birds LOVE this.

 on February 1, 2013
By runtymom
It is shipped to my door so I don’t have to lug it home in the car. The birds LOVE it and there is far less waste than the cheaper seed sold locally. You cannot find this larger bag in Home Depot, etc so I must order it online. I tend to cringe at the price of bird seed in general but I have fed them for over twenty years and can’t just abandon them now. It is a better buy than the smaller bags of same seed.

and felt slightly annoyed that the shipper had been so rough with it–and …

 on July 27, 2017
By Miranda
I have a really large bird feeder and I always fill it about 3/4 full–but no kidding, after one evening (occasionally an evening and a morning) it’s completely gone. I came home the other day and counted 21 birds on my porch and three squirrels enjoying the seeds that fell below because the birds were causing such chaos on the feeder it was spilling all over the place (this thing has 6 glass panels in it–it’s incredibly heavy). Thus, it made sense to me to buy the 16 lb bag from Amazon rather than taking several trips to Home Depot every few days. I received a notification at 1pm that the package had been delivered and when I arrived home at 4 I noticed a hole in the box, and felt slightly annoyed that the shipper had been so rough with it–and then I realized a second or two later that the squirrels had ripped through the box’s two layers of cardboard to access the bag (see photo). I don’t mind the squirrels since they can’t access/break the feeder, but good lord what a way to be reminded that they have absolutely no manners. 🙂

Birds love it

 on May 3, 2013
By Hungry Heidi
I have a great variety of birds lining up for this seed. I have Blue Grosbeek, Blue Jays, Indigo Buntings, painted bunting, doves, redbellied woodpecker, cardinals, Towhee, chickadees, goldfinch, titmouse and more. It is a hit they eat this more than the feeder with just black oil sunflower seed in it.

Best Seed I’ve Used

 on January 12, 2018
By L. Grande
I had a bird feeder once before but didn’t want to spend the money on the high priced seed. I didn’t, and I got very few birds with the inexpensive seed I chose instead. I read some reviews that mentioned the high price of this bird seed, but I have to say that a) this bag is huge, and b) it really does attract all the birds it claims. If you’re going to bother with a feeder at all, don’t get the cheap stuff or you won’t get to experience how enjoyable a busy bird feeder can be. There is constant activity at our feeder in central Florida. The seed makes all the difference. This is my second time purchasing this bird seed. The first time I bought it at a big box store, and the bag was half the size for the same price, so I’ll definitely be purchasing from Amazon going forward.

For the birds

 on May 3, 2012
By kares4
This is the best bird food I’ve found. I’ve been using it for 3 or 4 years, now, and it consistently brings truly the “Greatest Variety” of birds to our feeder. Living in bear country, we only feed from mid-October through mid-April, but, because of this food, our winter over-ers do really well, and the migratory influx every March/April is astounding. What a delight!

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