Tomcat 0370910 Tier 1 Refillable Rat & Mouse Bait Station

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    How to Use Refillable Bait Stations for Mice & Rats by TOMCAT
  • default - Tomcat 0370910 Tier 1 Refillable Rat & Mouse Bait Station
    Why use a mouse poison bait station
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The Tomcat rat & Mouse Killer child & Dog resistant refillable station effectively kills up to 3 rats with one bait block while providing Tomcat highest level of station security. Resistant to weather & tampering, the reusable station gives rats easy access to bait & keeps child fingers & pet paws out. The bait station is also weather-resistant, making it ideal for indoor & outdoor use. Follow all directions & restrictions on label when using the bait station. Based on no-choice laboratory testing.

Customer Reviews

it works!, plus some rat intel…

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 on July 1, 2017
By deke
we had an outdoor rat infestation, but are now living rat-free! … thanks to this Tomcat bait box, as well as the items and measures taken below! …

Better Safe Than Sorry

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 on August 11, 2017
By J. Ryan
We live in rural Oklahoma, adjacent to open pasture and hay meadows. We have issues with rats and mice around our shop and barn and need to control the rodents as much as possible. We have several of the placed around our home and outbuildings. Our primary concern is the safety of our grandchildren and pets, so any bait stations must meet that criteria. The bait cannot be accessed unless you release a safety catch with one finger while squeezing two other tabs and pulling outward, all at the same time. We have never had an issue with our pets or grandchildren getting one open, or even attempting to do so, but it’s comforting to know that it would be extremely difficult. The bait stations appear to work, but reloading the bait is a monthly task. The baits are good size and claim to be large enough to take care of 3 rats and many more mice. The stations are pretty durable. We have 2 that are more than 3 years old and still in service.

Rats/mice no more.

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 on October 31, 2017
By talonmedic
It’ easy to put out, bait etc and it is water resistant, we had some unbelievable winds not to long ago and these things were great. I haven’t seen dead rats. The bait has disappeared and I haven’t seen my neighbor seizing in the driveway so I’m assuming its the rats that took it. I check them (i bought two) infrequently and replace bait as needed (and keep an eye on my neighbors just in case). Love it. Oh and just for safety buy a few extra bait too these little suckers love also wear gloves when touching the bait as it is a neurotoxin which can get into yooou by soaking through your skin…theoretically any way.

Worked geat

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 on September 16, 2017
By B. Fowler
Problem with a rat at my elderly parent’s home on a screened in porch. Purchased this item because I did not want cats or dogs to access the poison. The rat began to eat the poison right away, it did not die nearby because I could not smell anything. I have had no sign of any rats since I put the trap out. I would recommend this product. I did use gloves when I handled the poison cubes.

Rat tested, Rat Approved, unfortunately they were unavailable for comment afterwards

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 on June 29, 2017
By A. Lord
Rats had eaten my wiring harness on my new jeep costing 2K in repairs, put this trap out last night and on the first night, half the bait was eaten. Second night, another brick was eaten. So far so good!

Be patient, it works

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 on June 13, 2017
By Cautious
I agree with another reviewer here who said that you need to be patient, as the rats won’t just start chowing down on the bait in these traps. In my case, it took weeks before I noticed that the bait was being eaten and my place definitely has rats in residence. Hopefully, this trap, which is supplied with lots of bait, will keep the population in check.

Excellent Way to get rid of Packrats and other rodents.

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 on December 4, 2017
By Anita Howard
We used to have these type of boxes at our other house where we had a lot of pack rats. We moved to this new house and thought we wouldn’t need them, but the truth is we still are bothered by packrats. So we put one in the front near where we can hear a critter gnawing in the evening. At first they didn’t touch the poison, but after about two weeks they started eating it. I am going to buy two more, because I think we could use them in other areas of the yard. This is smaller than the ones we had before, but these are better because they are smaller, and the poison is “around a corner”. The bigger ones sometimes attract rattle snakes, so this is better for us!

The window lets you know what is going on with your bait stations at a glance

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 on July 15, 2017
By Scarlett O'Rangutang
Buy the one that includes one pound of bait blocks. The pound of blocks is worth as much as the bait station itself.

Comes with bait

 on April 5, 2018
By B.S.
I just received these tomcat bait stations, after some research. I chose them because I figured they would be most compatible with the tomcat bait blocks available locally at home improvement stores. The boxes are smaller than the ones I see outside of commercial buildings, but they seem ok. The lid does not come off to bait them. There is a cartridge on the bottom that pulls out. It is a little like changing batteries in a toy. The main reason for my review is to let you know that each box comes with 15 bait cubes that are about an ounce each. The station holds 2. See photos for how the parts fit together. The first photo is the bottom of the station.