Robarb R20154 Super Blue Clarifier 1-Quart Crystal Clear Pool Water Polisher

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    Water Clarifiers and Your Pool
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Powerful water clarifier produces and maintains crystal clear pool water without affecting pH balance or other chemicals. Its thick, highly concentrated formulation is designed to clear cloudy water FAST.

Customer Reviews

Works in a few hours

 on April 20, 2016
By J. R. Wallace
I had read through all the reviews and was worried if this would work, but I’d been staring and my greenish cloudy pool for 2-3 weeks and figured I needed to do something. I’m a new pool owner and read up on the various causes. All my chemicals were balanced and I was cleaning the filter weekly (sometimes more) to no avail. I finally decided to try this product and received same day shipping on 4/18. I didn’t receive it until about 7pm so I decided to wait until the next day to watch the progress. I put in a little extra than what it called for, but not much. The directions call for 1 ounce per 5,000 gallons and I put about 4 1/2 ounces for my 17,500 gallon pool at aroun 8 am. I checked it at 9 am and there was no change. I checked again around 10 and I couldn’t tell for sure if it was better. I felt like clarity had improved but wasn’t sure if I was seeing things because I wanted so much for the cloudiness to go away. I checked again around noon and it was drastically better. I could finally see the drain at the bottom. I am so impressed and happy with this product!! I think my issue was excessive pollen that had made my pool cloudy and was too fine for the filter to catch. I plan to continue to use this routinely.

Fantastic product!

 on June 25, 2015
By joe-rktek
Worked perfectly. We have a 32,000 inground with salt generator. In a matter of days the water went from clear to cloudy to blue green to dark grey. I test the water myself, but for safe measure I had the water tested several times at the local pool store. The chemistry was ok, however, nitrates & pH were elevated, and FC was a ok, but low. With that they recommended stabilizers/clarifiers, shock, algecide, pH down, phos free, seaKlear, etc etc etc…with each application I saw no improvement & the water looked worse. The only upside was that pH dropped to normal range. Anyway, I researched the topic and came across this product. With that, I chatted online (from their website) with a rep from Robarb, who was awesome. I provided him with my general chem readings and he made several suggestions as well as some additional things to check. With his recommendation I turbo shocked the pool with non CYA shock, ran the filter overnight and noticed a tremendous improvement where I could make out the main drains in the deep end. I took new readings & things seemed to be in check, so I then added the recommended dosage of Super Blue, within an hour I could see an improvement. 12 hours later (overnight) I woke up to a crystal clear pool. I am totally impressed with the product and more importantly the Robarb customer service. I will continue to use this product as part of my weekly maintenance.

Great Results, Great Value

 on June 21, 2017
By Amazon Customer
After heavy rains, our pool turned green. After ruling out mustard algae – our chlorine levels were perfect – we realized it was pollen. Brushing the pool and cleaning the filter did not work, so I bought this product. I mixed a tad more than the prescribed amount in a bucket of water, poured it around the perimeter, and let my pool run all night. When we awoke, the pool was crystal clear! The filter of course was dark ugly green, as was the filtration sock I use in our skimmer, so I promptly cleaned both. I intend to use small portions of this clarifier as part of my routine pool maintenance – it works that well. Highly recommended.

Five Stars

 on June 19, 2016
By Kindle Customer
Took my pool from cloudy to crystal clear in less than 24 hrs.

… doesnt work over night but this product works really good. Still need a little more to go to …

 on May 18, 2017
By Trinh Le
It doesnt work over night but this product works really good. Still need a little more to go to get all the small particles.

Pool Perfection

 on July 1, 2017
Wow…this really is an incredible product. I have a 45,000 gallon pool and it turned my pool into a little sparking oasis. Never dreamed of having water this clear and absolutely sparkling in the sunlight!!! Well worth the money and look forward to many days of shine in the pool!!!

Super Blue is a Super product

 on July 8, 2017
By Barry
This is the only clarifier I will buy from now on, it cleared my pool after other brands could not. First I used the Pool Mate clarifier but no results, although it was good for maintenance until we were hit with algae while on vacation. I then tried the Clorox clarifier twice with no results, I think it even made my pool more cloudy. I tried the HTH pods and they helped clear it a little but they gummed up my filter so bad and had it so highly pressurized that it could barely pump water so I had to backwash losing most of the product. The Super Blue however will not clog your filter and it will remove cloudiness from your pool. The photo shows you can see the ladder and bottom of the pool, prior to Super Blue we could not see the bottom, not even your hands or feet about 3-4 feet down.

Best clarifier I’ve used!

 on July 13, 2017
By guardinanangel
I have used many different clarifier brands and Super Blue is always my favorite. Other brands say they are concentrated but this is very thick, almost a syrup, and you can definitely tell its concentrated. It also has a clear bottle with measurement notches on the side making it very easy to pour a precise amount into a bucket for dilution. In one day I saw a huge difference in the clarity of my water. We had recently killed off some algae growth leaving behind lots of little white particles that went straight through the filter back into the pool. This product definitely helped bond them together to create a clear blue (not cloudy) pool water.

Problem solved!!

 on October 22, 2017
By Amazon Customer
I tried everything I could think of to get rid of my cloudy, green water. I shocked, scrubbed, clean the filters multiple times, and ran the pumps continuously. Nothing worked…..until this.

I was skeptical, but it works

 on July 13, 2017
By akyoung
I wish I had take pics of our pond/pool before getting this, but it was murky/turbid and we thought we’d have to drain it again this season. We’ve tried the usual stuff, chlorine, muriatic acid, yada yada & still fight the evil green. You know that saying, doing the same thing over & over expecting a different result? Well, we finally decided to change it up. Yes, we took readings and such the old way & the new way and so far so good. Switched to natural products & it seems to work. The final step was using Super Blue to get it under control & over the past 2-days, it’s getting clearer. I would definitely recommend this. The photos I’ve attached shows it just after the refill & then the last 2 by waterfall are yesterday after the treatment. Almost back to before.