Mouse Trap – Rat Traps Snap Humane Power Rodent Killer, Mice Trap,Sensitive Reusable and Durable by Buyplus (6)

  • default - Mouse Trap - Rat Traps Snap Humane Power Rodent Killer, Mice Trap,Sensitive Reusable and Durable by Buyplus (6)
    Mouse Trap – Rat Traps Snap Humane Power Rodent Killer 6 Pack , Mice Trap,Sensitive Re Best Sellers
  • default - Mouse Trap - Rat Traps Snap Humane Power Rodent Killer, Mice Trap,Sensitive Reusable and Durable by Buyplus (6)
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☘Sturdy construction and humane rodent killer
☘High precision trigger mechanism on mouse catcher
☘Removable bait cup
☘Washable and reusable
☘High quality and durable ABS plastic material
☘Much more sensitive with Buyplus mouse traps.

☘ Buyplus high effective mini mouse trap comes with improved rodent killer, making it faster and easier to set than traditional wood or metal mouse traps. 100% kill the rat and won't let it escape once it touches the pedal. Works best with liquid or solid bait and comes in a Pack of 6 mouse traps with rope hole. Even with a big vole, it will not take the mouse trap away.
☘ The mice killer made of high quality plastic which is easy to wash and can be reused for years of service, these mouse traps won't leave bad odor and stains like old fashioned wood or metal mouse trap does, also won't rust.
☘This mouse trap can be set quickly – up side down the mouse killer, turn off the bait cup, and place the bait, re-turn on it, push the mouse trap, keep it to where you want-that is ok.
☘Using chemical drugs or Electronic ultrasonic equipment just let the mouse escape temporarily, they will no longer afraid and return after a period of time. With our rat traps, kill rats at the very first time to avoid rats come again.

1.Handle with Care when use the rodent killer, avoid pinching fingers.
2.Please put the mouse trap where kids and pets can't touch.
3.After setting the mouse trap, never touch it with your hand. If you want to release the trap, please use a stick or other tool. PLEASE DO NOT INJURE YOURSELF.

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Customer Reviews

The executioner

 on January 17, 2018
By Elle
I bought some other “humane traps” before i bought these, with the intention to catch and release the mice. Well. They were indeed very humane… in fact they did not catch the mice at all !! we just provided them dinner. Thoroughly annoyed , I purchased these traps and set them out. So far I have caught three mice, all of them were very dead, and so I can confirm that these are effective. Also I know one other review said that the force of the snap would sometimes break the Trap so that they are not reusable however I have not had that problem. If you think that you may have multiple mice and you would like them to all be dead, I highly recommend these traps.

Didn’t realize how bad it actually was until we used these

 on February 20, 2018
By Kevin S. Coleman
We had a bit of a mouse infestation in the house. Didn’t realize how bad it actually was until we used these. We put 6 down in the house with peanut butter as bait. Within 4 weeks we had killed 36 of those little suckers. I thought we just had a couple in the house! Haven’t snapped any in about a month now, but keeping them in there to be safe. These are the same traps the maintenance guys at work use to great success.

Nice to have something that gets the job done

 on January 19, 2018
We needed some traps to help catch mice that we suspected were in our garage. We baited them with a little peanut butter and found a couple of the traps had worked overnight. The traps are well-constructed and more heavy-duty than wooden snap traps with the thin metal bar. They definitely work, although I’ll never be fond of seeing dead mice caught in its jaws. Nice to have something that gets the job done!

Most Work

 on April 13, 2018
By Stephen
This trap did work, but I had to do a little more work than expected. We live near a creek with a lot of wildlife around so of course some of the wildlife wants to come in. The place has had rodents in the garage since before we moved in, since there were two rat traps with poison in them when we moved in this was not news. When my wife saw one, though, it was like a brand new problem, so I got some traps to catch them, since she wanted to be sure they were dead. The poison in the old traps made the rodents leave and die outside the garage, so we wouldn’t know if they were caught. Within two days these traps paid off and we caught the suspect. The traps are still out, but I don’t expect to catch anything for a while. I found a rat’s nest under our concrete step in the garage that was mortared in place and cleared it out, and found the mother rat died already, due to the poison.

They Built a Better Mousetrap!

 on January 20, 2018
By jackie back
I purchased these twice- once for myself and again for my sister. They arrived promptly and with clear instructions. They were very easy to bait, because the removable bait cup gets filled before the trap is armed. You can also place the trap where you intend to use it before arming it, so there is no danger of it snapping shut on your fingers accidentally. Once the trap is placed, you simply press down on the back and the trap is set. The pressure pad trigger surrounds the bait cup entirely, so not one mouse got away with the bait! The only reason I am not giving these traps five stars is because one broke the first time I used it, so I dinged them on durability, but they did work great, and I recommend them.

Quick set and release mouse traps.

 on April 15, 2018
By T. Seese
Bought these for my son that moved into a old home that had not been lived in for a few years. Yes he had mice.

Does what it needs to do; bye bye mice.

 on March 21, 2018
By Zora
Does what it needs to do: Catches mice. I use peanut butter as bait, and these have caught about 8 mice so far and, judging by what I can see, have reduced the nest of mice I found to nearly nothing. My only problem was that once it caught but did not immediately kill the mouse, and that was pretty gruesome. But I haven’t found a trap where someone doesn’t have that kind of story, so I think I’m just the unlucky person it happened to with this one. My friend recommended it and it’s worked perfectly for her, and it did only happen once, so I would still very much recommend them.

This is the new mouse trap and it’s awesome. No more getting your fingers pinched when you …

 on February 15, 2018
By Melanie L. Turner
This is the new mouse trap and it’s awesome. No more getting your fingers pinched when you set it! Just pinch it together on the back end and the jaws of life (or death), open up. The little container for the peanut butter can be accessed on the underneath and screwed back in. It’s awesome! I caught my first mouse very quickly and it was very easy to discard the dead rodent by pinching the end together and the mouse drops out into the trash. I ran it under water and dried it and set it again after adding a little more peanut butter..

Easy to set and empty!!

 on April 5, 2018
By tgrace
I was super excited to try these mouse traps since the other regular ones have always scared me to empty and reset….. These are so easy to set, then empty and reset! We have recently had an issue with mice in our shed. I set these and within about an hour all six traps had caught a mouse. It was easy to empty them and reset them without having to touch the mouse or close to where the mouse was. I am so happy with these traps they have been awesome for helping rid us of the many mice that have invaded!

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