Lysol Disinfecting Wipes, Lemon & Lime Blossom, 320ct (4X80ct)

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    Lysol Disinfecting Wipes, Lemon & Lime Blossom, 320ct 4X80ct
  • default - Lysol Disinfecting Wipes, Lemon & Lime Blossom, 320ct (4X80ct)
    Lysol 77182 Lemon & Lime Blossom Disinfectant Wipes, 6 Canisters
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    RAC 84251
  • default - Lysol Disinfecting Wipes, Lemon & Lime Blossom, 320ct (4X80ct)
    Dog goes nuts over Lysol
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Lysol Disinfecting Wipes can be used as a convenient way to clean and disinfect your household surfaces. Each pre-moistened disposable wipe kills germs** wherever you use it, even suitable to use on wood. No bottles, no sponges, no mess. **Kills Salmonella Enterica (Salmonella), Influenza A Virus Herpes Simplex Virus Type 1 and Respiratory Syncytial Virus on hard, non porous surfaces in 10 minutes. Kills 99.9% of Viruses and Bacteria. Removes more than 95% of allergens (Pet Dander, Dust Mite Debris and Pollen Particles). Lysol Disninfecting Wipes are also safe to use on electronics including Smartphones, Tablets and Remote Controls.

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Customer Reviews

Good product – if you’re lucky.

 on July 13, 2017
By Magster
I’m just writing this as a heads up. I have been a regular purchaser of Lysol Disinfecting Wipes for years. They are a decent product, but the wipes themselves seem to come in two ‘styles’. It’s a coin-toss if a package will contain relatively sturdy, thick wipes that have a slight waffle pattern on the cloth, or if they will be these weird, flimsy felt-like wipes that are not only smaller, they rip apart trying to get them out of the container – or even trying to separate them by hand – they wad up while you try to use them, get caught on even smooth surfaces and leave fluff on everything, This is true no matter where I have purchased them (online or in stores), the size of the package, the cost or type of packaging (single, multi etc.). I can’t say whether it applies to all scents, as the Lemon Lime are the only ones that don’t cause me skin irritation, but it’s incredibly frustrating to not know if the wipes will be reasonable quality or barely usable each time they’re purchased.

Great wipes. Not great for shipping.

 on March 4, 2018
Great wipes. Not packaged for shipping though. I really love these wipes. They are plenty saturated that it will leave the surface wet to kill germs. The large container is great for classrooms or larger families. The scent is good. The big pro is the pricing on Amazon. With a subscribe and save discount the price was unbeatable. The biggest issue is that these containers do not have tear away seals like they need. The lid is not watertight at all. Without a plastic or foil seal, nothing is keeping the cleaning liquid from leaking out when the container is not upright. The plastic wrapping that keeps the item as a 4 pack also does nothing to contain any leaks. I had one shipment where the wipes were packed upside down. It was such a mess and ruined items in the shipment with it. These are VERY wet and you’ll find a good 1/3 cup of left over liquid in the bottom of the container after you use the last wipe. So being upside down for 2 to 3 days provides a lot of time for the liquid to leak all over. I’ve contacted Amazon twice about this and even postponed my subscription delivery by 2 months hoping that they would take my concern seriously, but they arrived the same as last time and leaked out again. I had recommended they use a heavy duty bag like they will for other liquid items and heat seal the bag. It’s pain to have to ship back and wait for replacement shipments. Bottom line: These are great wipes and Amazon has the best price. However, until Lysol starts adding a proper seal or Amazon starts bagging them to prevent leaking onto other items, I would suggest buying from a physical store.

Can’t beat the simplicity of these wipes for cleaning and they don’t leave lint like other brands!

 on May 15, 2017
By Daniela
Let’s face it, cleaning is already a task most of us do not look forward to so why not make it easier? For me, wipes are the answer. Before these I was spraying with a cleaner that was probably spraying in places I didn’t want it to, waiting for the cleaner to soak in before using paper towels to finally wipe off the food particles and spills. Now I simply grab a wipe out of the container and everything comes off in one step and I can clean with the wipe exactly where I want to, unlike a spray. The packaging makes it easy to tear off one or as many as you need and closes tightly. These work better to really help loosen and remove any stuck on food that I would usually have to scrub off with other cleaning products. I should also mention I used to buy Clorox wipes but these leave less lint than the Clorox did. I would have to wipe the lint away with a rag after cleaning with those, not saving me any time. These Lysol wipes work great, one goes a long way and they arrived in perfect condition. I’ll be buying for life (until one day when I hopefully become rich and can afford a great housekeeper, that is.)


 on December 30, 2016
By Brittney
I was looking for a way that I could clean most objects and items in my home as a person with a disability – These came today and I’m so happy with my choice! I picked these over the Clorox because I didn’t want the smell of bleach on my every day things for no reason but these were the right choice!

So far these have done an amazing job to keep my family healthy

 on May 16, 2018
By JMom
This is my life line. I use them for everything. I have OCD and as much as I try to not be, I’m a definite germaphobe. I use these on everything to my phone to my laptop to my car as routine cleaning as well as use them if someone is sick. So far these have done an amazing job to keep my family healthy. As far as cleaning, they do a good job on low soiled items, but not so much on dried on gunky surfaces. I would recommend a full on spray cleaner instead of these for gunky surfaces. If your kids are messy like mine and spill things a lot, I would recommend cleaning with paper towels first, but finish up with one of these to remove the stickiness. I used to use Clorox wipes a lot, but I prefer these, Lysol seems to work better and Clorox wipes burn my hands when I use them making my hands very sensitive whiles these do not.

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