Leisure Time A Spa Bright and Clear, Quart

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    Leisure Time Spa Bright and Clear – Hottubworks.com
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    Leisure Time A Spa Bright and Clear, Quart Review
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    Leisure Time A Spa Bright and Clear Quart
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    Review Leisure Time Bright Clear Quart
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    Leisure Time® Reserve & Renew® Spa Care System
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    Leisure Time Free® Spa Care System
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    Easy Clear
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    Leisure Time Free System 6 Month Kit – Hottubworks.com
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    Leisure Time Spa Enzyme – Hottubworks.com
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    Leisure Time Spa Foam Down – Quart – Hottubworks.com
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Powerful spa and hot tub clarifier quickly turns cloudy water into crystal clear water. Specially formulated for hot water treatment. This spa water clarifier utilizes unique polymer action to neutralize and remove dirt, soap, oily films and suspended particles for clean, fresh water. Helps spa filters perform at peak efficiency. Reduces the need for harsh spa bromine and spa shock chemicals by quickly removing dirt particles. Enjoy clean and clear spa immediately, no waiting after treatment. Compatible with chlorine, bromine, ozone and biguanide sanitizers. Weekly Instructions: Turn OFF all equipment. Turn ON air blower or spa jets. Add Bright and Clear directly to spa. Use 2-ounce for spas up to 800 gallons. Use 4-ounce for spas over 800 gallons. Allow blower or jets to run a few minutes. Turn ON filter system until water is bright and clear.

Customer Reviews

Must have for your hot tub!

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 on December 30, 2015
We purchased the Colemane Lazy Spa blindly, not really having any clue how to take care of it. With four kids that enjoy getting into the hot tub occasionally it didn’t take long for our water to get cloudy and dirty looking. I began to research on the Internet what the best way was to care for my water in my spa. I found rave reviews on this Leisure Time additive.

surprising results

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 on June 29, 2013
By dadio
so, the reason why I bought this stuff, was because of the other reviews I read. The first time I used it in my Jacuzzi- I put in 2 oz, for a tub with only 325 gallons. the most awful looking rust colored scum came to the top in the form of bubbles. Wasn’t sure how to get this stuff out effectively- used a sham-wow, over and over and over. this took incredibly long, but after about an hour of skimming and wiping the sides of this crud, yes- the water was crystal clean, but what a PIA. Got smart the next time I used it – got my shop-vac out, and used the vac to suck up the dirty bubbles- quick and effective. that’s the way to do it.

Miracle product for our spa!

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 on August 16, 2012
By Kathy
My boyfriend and I are “newbies” to hot tub care, and have been having problems with water clarity and chemical balance. The water always looked cloudy, and at times looked “green”, and we had to, upon the advice of the place where we bought the tub, drain, clean and refill the tub. This guy, in Lansing, Michigan, kept saying we needed to empty our tub several times, run his assortment of cleaners through the system, drain again and again. Ridiculous! A friend told us about this product, Spa Bright and Clear, and said it was fantastic. It is fabulous! Our chemicals were balanced, but the water was cloudy, with a slight “film” on the surface, and I never felt clean getting out of the spa. I added 4 ounces of this product to the tub, let it run for a half hour, and could not believe the stuff that accumulated around the water’s edge. It was yellow, the consistency of butter, and I had to get in and use a cleaning sponge to keep removing it and re-running the jets. After three sessions of this, our water is sparkling clean, blue, and crystal clear. Apparently this product causes loose particles to cling together so that you can remove them from the water. I also used a mesh strainer to clean the bubbles from the edges of the tub while the jets were working.

Without this, owning a hot tub is not worth it

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 on October 7, 2017
By Michelle Hobart
Unbelievable! All hot tubs should be sold with this stuff. It’s essential. I’ll go as far as saying owning a hot tub is not worth it without it. My tub was pretty much disgusting before I used this stuff. I didn’t even realize how gross it was. I would always clean huge globs of gunk from the water line of the hot tub just about every time we used it. I just thought this was normal. I called the place where I bought it and they said it was normal and laughed about it being part of owning a hot tub. Me, being a first time owner, just kind of accepted it. I always had in the back of my head the thoughts of commercial hot tubs, at hotels and stuff and knew there must be some secret. Well, let me tell you THIS IS IT! My tub went from embarrassingly gross to showstopper overnight! Like others of said, when you first put it in, you see the reaction taking place where all of the oils and nasty crap bind together. I used my skimmer to remove most of it and a sponge to wipe the rim. I could tell though right away that it was working. I yelled for my wife to come and see it but at first wasn’t able to see the magic. She could only see all of the crap that was still binding together. So, we went in! After a few more skims and wipes, my wife was wowed! She said, “I’ve never been able to see the jets like this before” That’s how disgusting our tub was. Anyway, I’m tired of writing. You get the point. This stuff makes owning a hot tub fun! I am going to tell the owners of our local shop that they must start selling the tubs with it. They will get a lot less phone calls! For what it’s worth, we have an Ace salt water system and this stuff is safe to use with salt water tubs. I checked with Leisure Time! Also, I’ll add a photo of my tub now but I wish I had a before shot. Happy soaking!!!

I absolutely love this product

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 on April 4, 2017
By sherry nordman
I absolutely love this product! It does exactly what it is supposed to do, so the people who said it made scum come to the top, well no Sh$t. ITS SUPPOSED TOO! It gather particles that are too small to be caught by the filter, i.e. oils, lotions, hair gel, dirt, body gunk, you get the picture. Of course it rises to the top and sticks to the sides. Looks like yellow gunk. Simple wipe it off of the rim, repeat as necessary. I have Scum bugs (small bug shaped sponges, bought here as well) and they do an excellent job of gathering junk. Just rinse them out and toss ’em back in. They last for almost a year too. I bought the 4 pack of bright and clear and use very little for major results. I will but it again.

Cleared up gross cloudy water in 6 hours!

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 on April 10, 2016
By Star BeGlitched
This stuff works! I purchased it based on reviews after we had a party with some drunk girls hanging all over the hot tub for hours. It was so gross the next day because they didn’t shower first so there was all kinds of residue from their lotions and hair products making the hot tub super cloudy. I had tried for several days to clear the hot tub while I waited for this to arrive but nothing really worked. When the UPS guy dropped this, I put 2 tablespoons in and started scooping out the foam that formed. It took about an hour of sitting there watching it and then a couple more times throughout the day I went out to the tub and scooped out the foam. By the end of the night, the tub was clear! I am going to make sure to have this stuff on hand from now on!

anti-perspirants and the like. We use Bright and Clear as part of …

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 on February 19, 2015
By FunnyFarmOR
A must have for your spa! Unless you are extremely faithful about showering before every hot tub use, you will end up with gunk in your water from detergents, perfumes, lotions, anti-perspirants and the like. We use Bright and Clear as part of our regular filter cleaning routine and have been thrilled with the results.

Awsome product highly reccomend

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 on June 12, 2017
By alisha
If i could give 6 stars i would by far amazing product i bought the spa guard clear cloudy water and i literly used whole bottle and not 1 inch better maybe even worse than the day before this stuff 2oz and run the bubbles and wow breaks it down and i just skimmed the tub and i was shocked at what came out of my hot tub and i wish i had taken a before pic and after but two totally different worlds. My spa is nice and shiny clear water its so nice to have a product that works like this one does

Great Product!

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 on October 5, 2010
By PhotoAgent101
I’ve owned a hot tub (spa) for six months now. I keep my chemicals up to speed and wash my filters regularly. Once in a while, despite my regular efforts, perhaps every three weeks, the water will turn cloudy. I tried adding chlorine (one tablespoon, as recommended by my store) but that does not help. Using this Leisure Time Spa Bright and Clear is the magic ticket! It turns cloudy water into absolutely clear water within six hours. This stuff is magic, the last item you need besides regular maintenance of chemicals and filter washings, to keep the water in your spa clear and bright.

AMAZING!! Works great and leaves ‘crystal clear’ water behind.

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 on July 16, 2017
By Austin
JUST BUY THIS!! I write a lot of reviews and even some five stars but have never said ‘JUST BUY THIS’. I have a large spa and during the summer I am constantly fighting to keep it clean (pollen, trees, dust, dirt) and am satisfied when it is ‘pretty clean’. However, I could not get it clear recently and was not ready to change the water again.