LED Digital Alarm Clock – Outlet Powered, No Frills Simple Operation, Large Night Light, Alarm, Snooze, Full Range Brightness Dimmer, Big Red Digit Display, Black

  • default - LED Digital Alarm Clock - Outlet Powered, No Frills Simple Operation, Large Night Light, Alarm, Snooze, Full Range Brightness Dimmer, Big Red Digit Display, Black
    LED Digital Alarm Clock
  • default - LED Digital Alarm Clock - Outlet Powered, No Frills Simple Operation, Large Night Light, Alarm, Snooze, Full Range Brightness Dimmer, Big Red Digit Display, Black
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Simple Design Makes Setting Your Alarm A Walk In The Park In this day and age alarm clocks are getting more and more complicated, with a vast array of buttons, settings and alarm sounds all requiring a thorough read through comprehensive instructions before even switching it on. But the truth is, for the majority of us, all we want is a simple clock, one or two buttons, and a single alarm to wake us up. The Best LED Alarm Clock For Your Needs Travelwey has designed the simplest bedside alarm clock for your needs. With just a few labelled buttons on the top and rear you will hardly need instructions to operate this clock. The large 1.8 inch LED digits are bright and clear to see from across the room, and during the night the digits can be dimmed to 5% brightness so it does not disturb sleeping. Just a tap of the top button and a night light can be activated, perfect for reading or for children who don't like the dark. The alarm itself has two different settings for Low and High volume, and with a snooze function you can get that extra 9 minutes sleep before getting up. Benefits/Features – Big LED Digits With 5% Dimmer For Night Use – Night Light – Alarm And Snooze – VERY Simple Operation – Elegant Design – Mains Powered With Battery Back Up Backed by a No-Hassle Free Replacement Guarantee!

Customer Reviews

Ultra-Easy to See Digital Clock

 on August 17, 2016
By Sally
Wow! My husband and I were both having problems with a digital clock that was highly visible during the day, but not so much at night. This clock has amazingly large, clear digits. And, there is a button to adjust the brightness down if desired. We did adjust it down some, and have left it at that setting for day and night.


 on July 14, 2016
By Grace Silver
This clock is FANTASTIC. The numbers are VERY easy to read without having to put my glasses on. The illumination is very soft (on the “low” setting) and the alarm is effective but not jarring. The best part is the little built-in night light. I presumed that this clock would be okay, based on the reviews, but it is MUCH better than expected. I LOVE IT !!

Well designed

 on July 1, 2017
By Sandstone
Terrific clock, well thought out. Display excellent, setting quick and easy, only scrolls forward BUT that’s okay, unlike some other clocks that do so painfully slowly, this one zips through fast. With display on full bright, easy to see against a brightly lit window! (Which was important to me.) I wake up easily, and on soft, the buzzer is not too obnoxious. Photo shows this clock next to the one I’m replacing, was too hard to read the old clock in the daytime.

A Solid, Basic, Easy to Use Clock

 on October 11, 2017
By David Crumm
I love it! This is truly a solid, basic, easy to use clock with an electronic display that I can easily set to dim or bright with a flick of my fingertip.

A Wide Range Of Brightness Adjustment Make This The Perfect Clock For Light Sensitive Sleepers

 on July 2, 2017
By KC Man
It has taken me a long time to find an alarm clock with the simple feature: a variable brightness control. Virtually all clocks have a two-step illumination control, high or low. Typically, neither setting is exactly right. This clock replaces its “hi-lo” switch on the back with a slider which allows adjustment of the brightness across a wide range from extremely bright to off, and everywhere in between. I have this mounted on a bureau across the room and its easy to see even with my ancient eyes.

Great clock!

 on October 12, 2017
By Cipher469
This clock is an excellent buy, because the price is good and the performance is just as promised. I specifically wanted a dependable, compact, easy to read clock, and this absolutely fills the bill. The 2″ display allows me to see the tim even when my glasses aren’t handy. Because of its compact size and light weight, you could easily us it as a travel clock. If you don’t see the time display when first plugging it in, check the slider button on the rear. It may have been set in the off position, so slide it over and you’ll see the great display. Also, if you are testing the battery backup function and it doesn’t work, before getting upset try another set of batteries. Sounds odd, but it worked for me. I know these tips because of the first rate customer service provided to me by Travelway. They reached out to me with a thank you for buying email and also offering the slider tip.

Simple Alarm Clock That Gets The Job Done!

 on August 4, 2017
By Patrick Mains
If you are looking for a simple alarm clock that gets the job done, look no further! I can confidently say that this is one of the best products I have purchased off of Amazon. The alarm clock is very easy to use, and features a very simple button layout. To set the time all you need to do is hold the time set button and use the two large buttons on either side of the snooze button to set the hour and minute, with a small light on the display indicating AM or PM. The process of setting the alarm is just as easy, only with a different button. The display is huge and can be read from across the room, which is a great feature. You can also precisely set the brightness of the display with a slider on the back, however, at low brightness levels the LCD gets a bit splotchy. There are also some gaps in the LCD that can be seen at a sharp angle, but for the price that is to be expected. I am a pretty heavy sleeper, and while the alarm on my phone may wake me up, it doesn’t wake me up enough for me to want to get out of bed. This alarm clock, however, is very loud. There are two speakers on either side of the display that blast ear piercing alarm noises for five minutes to ensure you wake up. The snooze button on the top is very large so if you really need the extra sleep you can pause the alarm very quickly. If you don’t need such a loud alarm clock you have the option to change the volume level with a switch on the back. The snooze button also doubles as a light when the alarm isn’t sounding, which is really useful for finding things late at night. It isn’t bright enough to illuminate your entire room but it does a decent job. The only shortcoming this alarm clock has is the lack of a radio, but I don’t think anyone ever uses the radio on their alarm clock. Overall, this is an awesome alarm clock that does a fantastic job without all the bells and whistles of a more expensive alarm clock. The large display and nightlight are also big bonuses.

Best clocks I’ve ever had!

 on May 12, 2017
By erinb.
I have to say, these are the best clocks I’ve had! For whatever reason, digital alarm clocks these days are so hard to get right. They are either too small, too big, or have so many bells & whistles that make it too expensive and a waste of “amenities” to say, in my opinion. I was very happy to find these clocks. They are perfectly simple with touches like the display dimmer & alarm sound levels that I appreciated (my kids love the “night light” on top!). And this company has great customer service to boot. I was just really impressed with the whole thing! I’d definitely buy again.

Brightness adjusts from totally dark to bright with a slider so you can fine tune that setting

 on January 11, 2018
By Detroit Lakes
Simple to use. Straight forward time and alarm setting. Brightness adjusts from totally dark to bright with a slider so you can fine tune that setting. This is a good clock for those that want easy to read numbers that can be set to a low brightness level. The night light on top is a on-off with a push of the light on the top of the clock which I didn’t care about at first but is kind of handy.