Hyperikon LED Security Light, 20W (100W Equivalent) Outdoor Motion Sensor Light, 1800lm, 5000K (Crystal White Glow), Waterproof IP65 & UL, 40° Beam Angle, CRI 80+, Adjustable Head, 120v

  • default - Hyperikon LED Security Light, 20W (100W Equivalent) Outdoor Motion Sensor Light, 1800lm, 5000K (Crystal White Glow), Waterproof IP65 & UL, 40° Beam Angle, CRI 80+, Adjustable Head, 120v
    Top 10 Outdoor Flood & Security Lights // New & Popular 2017
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Introducing the Hyperikon® LED Flood Light – An ultra high output flood light

Hyperikon's LED Flood Lights provide high performance, long life and energy savings in a simple, no-frills conventional looking fixture. Hyperikon fixtures lights bring the latest solid-state LED technology to the market with the use of our own patent pending Helios technology, which provides a true lighting experiencing in terms of both ambiance and appearance. The LED Security Light is guaranteed to provide you better, cheaper and healthier lighting than conventional fluorescent light and can easily be replaced with any existing fixtures. Your 100% satisfaction is our number one priority and should you for any reason not be happy with your LED light, we will provide you with a prepaid return label and a FULL refund on your order. .

Common Applications:

· Garages

· Workshops

· Basements

· Work Areas

· Utility and Recreation Rooms


· Save up to 62% on your electricity bill

· Instant-On and hassle free installation for your convenience.

· Commercial and Industrial Grade

· Rugged steel housing for durability and long life.

· Hyperikon® is a California bestseller with a proven track record

Customer Reviews

Best Motion Light Around!

 on November 24, 2016
By Richard
Unless something changes in the future I have to give this 5 stars. I was looking for a bright light that could light up my driveway. It is approximately 50′ long and 30′ wide. This sucker does the trick. My confidence in buying the light on here without seeing it first was low. I am glad I took the risk on buying this light. It lights up my entire driveway and most of the neighbor’s yard across the street.

Awesome light….little tricky on the install

 on October 14, 2016
By Sayin_Hello
Tough review on this one. Just installed the night last night is outstanding. It was replacing a two 100W halogen bulb unit, and this is way brighter; it lights 50 feet very bright (like daytime) and lights 100 feet well.

Well constructed light fixture, controls are very intuitive and it works as advertised

 on September 5, 2016
By Tretiak
4/27/17 update – I contacted the seller and their customer service is very responsive. The said they would send me a replacement light. I’ll report back as to what actually happens. The seller said they have 0.5% failure rate on their lights – I can never win lotto money but I always seem to be the guy with the one in 200 bad luck on other stuff.

Water in lens, blew out/broke the LED–Hyperikon to the rescue, immediately.

 on March 22, 2017
Update to my original review:

Please be smarter than the equipment you are installing.

 on March 4, 2017
By Efrain R.
O.k., I tried to think of something snappy to start with and failed so here it is in a nutshell. I purchased two of them and the wife and I installed them very easily. Once we got them installed we stood back and admired our handiwork, once we were done patting ourselves on the back… “good job mrs. perfect”…. “no… good job to you mr. perfect”… we realized the light was not coming on once we took it off of test mode… Oh my… what could have happened??? Did mr. and mrs perfect mess up? NooOOoOOoo… we are the perfects and it has to be a product issue! Up the ladder we go to commence trouble shooting… you check mine mrs perfect and I will check yours mrs. perfect… 15 minutes later… mrs. perfect did a perfect job and mr. perfect did a perfect job so it is a problem with the two units…. “I should have paid attention to those bad ratings instead of the good ones” I said to mrs. perfect. “Go call them” Said mrs. perfect, so I did, one ringy dingy… two… two ringy dingy… fingers drumming on the desk, knowing look on my face that says “I know they are not going to answer… that is what all the bad reviews said!”. “Hello… Hyperikon… so and so speaking… can I help you?”… “hello???” I said in a half startled voice. “yes sir, can I help you?”. After recovering from my shock that someone actually answered the phone… on a saturday… at 4oClock in the afternoon, I gathered up my indignation of having two broken units and told the gentleman that I was not happy! And Blah… I am a douch bag… Blah… I am being really rude because I am having a bad day and your product sucks cuz every one says so! wahhhhh Then with a cool head, and smile in his voice he tells me that he will send me two replacements and that I can leave the two I installed in place till they arrived so that I can at least have lights in place till I receive the new ones. “Ummmm whacha say?” Indignation and irritation bubble deflated. Fast forward 3 hours, I am looking on line because we decided to leave them in test mode since they worked when in test mode… and then it hit me, I installed them during the day…. and they are night time security lights…. and they will not turn on while the sun is up… so that is why they did not work when I took them out of test mode. Moral to my story…. don’t be a douche bag because it can come back to bite you in the a$$!