Hot Shot No-Pest Strip2 (HG-5580) (1 ct)

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    Hot Shot No Pest Strip2 HG 5580 1 ct
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Clean, Odorless Insect Protection

Kill flying and crawling bugs in attics, garages, storage spaces, boats, RVs, and cabins with Hot Shot No-Pest Strip. This hanging insect repellent uses advanced controlled-release technology to slowly diffuse a deep, penetrating vapor throughout the enclosed treatment space for up to four months. Its clean, odorless vapor is evenly distributed, killing both visible and hidden insects on contact and preventing new insect infestations.

Because it continuously emits vapor, Hot Shot No-Pest Strip is designed to be used in areas occupied by people less than four hours per day, such as garages, attics, or sheds. You can also hang one in your vacation home, cabin, mobile home, or boat while it's not being used.

Use Recommendations

One Hot Shot No-Pest Strip will treat a 10-by-13-foot enclosed room with an 8-foot ceiling. When more than one strip is required–such as larger rooms–keep the strips at least 10 feet apart. Treatment usually lasts for four months; replace with a new, fresh, full-strength strip at the end of four months. Hot Shot No-Pest Strip should not be used around food or in food-handling areas.

Before using a treated room or area that has not been occupied for a while (such as a vacation home or RV), remove Hot Shot No-Pest Strips and open doors and windows for a few hours to allow any lingering vapor to dissipate.

Controlling Insects

Hot Shot No-Pest Strips work against both flies and mosquitoes. For flying insect control specifically, hang or stand the strip in the middle of your treatment area, away from windows. You can even use the strip inside your trash dumpster if you're having a fly problem there. Stand up one strip inside your dumpster and keep the lid on the dumpster closed.

Do not use the strip around edibles.

Customer Reviews

Yes.. it works.. I’m a rebel.. I used it in my apartment.. ADD be damned!!!

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 on December 11, 2013
By DivaSeattle
Okay… so I read the other reviews in regards to not using this in “living” areas… I read several of them… but you know what.. I was desparate, and desperate times called for desperate measures…

Tried many, this was the only thing that worked.

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 on October 10, 2016
By The DC Dude
Have had fruit flies in the house for almost three years. Mostly in the kitchen, but they got around every where. I tried a few other things before I discovered the Hot Shot No-Pest Strip2. I tried traps, both home made and store bought. The traps would catch plenty of flies, but they could never completely eliminate them. I also got flying insect spray. This wasn’t a good solution. The sprays were not very effective and it was a food prep area with pet food/water bowels around too. Finally I saw the Hot Shot product, it was buried pretty deep in Amazon’s suggestions which is probably why it took me so long to find it. When you get it and read the label, you get the impression that this thing can’t be used in a house at all. But I was desperate and after reading that others used it, I figured I would try it too. I hung it up in a hallway first and it reduced the number of flies nicely. I decided to move it to a remote part of the kitchen and it has finished them off. I never put it in the bathrooms, but the flies are gone from those rooms too. I don’t know how safe it was to do this, but we’ve seen no ill effects on people or pets. This was the only thing that has worked for us. Keep in mind it’s not a sticky-type trap, it emits a pesticide. So don’t look for flies inside the strip. Give it a few days and you should see results too.

Fruit flies be damned! These work!!!

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 on June 26, 2017
By Kathryn
I used to manage a bar and coffee shop, both had fruit flies. It’s only normal, with wine, and the mixers and lemons/limes/oranges, as well as at the coffeeshop we served fruit smoothies… it got to be a problem. We had regular professional pest control for ants/roaches at both but I couldn’t mitigate the fly problem, and it was an extra $50 per session to add fruit flies to our bill our bug guy told us. (I’m still eyebrow raisey about what exactly he would do differently then hang these….)

Best Knat solution you will ever find.

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 on May 27, 2016
By Amber E.
In our area at a certain time of year our home becomes over runner with knats. I had tried a number of things from being hyper careful about leaving doors open or food items out, to insect bombs, which where a terrible pain, forcing us out of the house for hours and then having to wash every dish in the house afterwards, all the bedding and all our clothing, only to have the little flies back after about a week or two. A friend suggested these Hotshots. I was skeptical because it just seemed like an air freshener, but she swore by them so I gave them a try. It has been two years now and our home is Knat free. They last a lot longer than even suggested. I can highly recomend this product as a solution.

bed bug death!~

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 on September 15, 2017
By T-dawg
This stuff has been fantastic in treating this stupid Bed Bug infestation that followed me from a hotel in Georgia. I placed a few in trash bags with shoes and books for a week and I placed one in my wardrobe. I also left one under my bed for two days in the heat (while I stayed at my boyfriend’s place). Since then, I have found two dead bed bugs and a lot of dead wasps. I haven’t seen any signs of the bugs since. But I am still being hyper vigilent, just in case. I also bought a Mccolough Steam cleaner which has been worth its weight in gold for steaming the bed, chairs and floors and window sills. I am so relieved to have this under control now! Whew!!

Worth every penny to get rid of gnats & fruit flies!

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 on July 26, 2017
By M. Stinson
No odor & QUICK results! We always see a few more fruit flies during the summer harvest/canning season, but this year we had an unbelievable amount of fruit flies AND gnats swarming! I used homemade vinegar traps, thoroughly cleaned all of our drains and left NOTHING uncovered or exposed in the kitchen, but nothing worked. They kept multiplying and swarming for 2 weeks until we had had enough! I put the strip out before we went to bed and threw away my homemade traps. The next morning, we were surprised that we had to search for any bugs … that afternoon, they were GONE! I will never make a homemade trap again. What a relief!

For me this product is awesome!!

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 on April 17, 2017
By Robin Johnston
For me this product is awesome !!! I realize as the label state’s product isn’t for use in an occupied living areas,so do keep that in mind. I had such a HUGE issue with fruit flies in my house I was willing to try anything !!! So I purchased this product and I have NOT had ANY fruit flies !!!,and I had a ton of those aggravating disgusting little things !!!! AMAZING product, it also gets stink bugs,just takes a little longer on them, but I’m not complaining :)!!!


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 on July 25, 2017
By MARMich
These work so well in both my garage and small outdoor shed. The smell is fairly strong if you are in an enclosed space, like my shed. It can make you a little light-headed. So, I just make sure I open the door for a few minutes before I go in. These keep all those irritating flying critters away. I was happy to find them here because they are hard to find locally.

Updated review. A happy buyer.

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 on June 25, 2016
By Rumblefish
Maybe I wasn’t patient enough when I posted my first review, but it’s been almost 7 months since I bought this and put it out and it is still doing it’s job. Bugs are rare now and the few that I do see are dead or dying. I have a very sensitive nose, yet I detect little odor. I will be buying again. The other brand that I bought (ProZap) seems to also work well, but it gives off a noticeable odor.