First Alert WT1 Drinking Water Test Kit

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Amazon Price: $9.99 $9.99 (as of October 21, 2018 10:25 pm – Details). Product prices and availability are accurate as of the date/time indicated and are subject to change. Any price and availability information displayed on the Amazon site at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of this product.

The First Alert WT1 Drinking Water Test Kit contains everything you need to check for eight common contaminants or issues with drinking water that can cause health problems, including bacteria, lead, pesticides, nitrates, chlorine, pH, and hard water. The simple and accurate do-it-yourself kit is the easy way to check if your drinking water is safe. No need to send samples to a laboratory and wait; results are provided in 10 minutes. The water-testing kit tests to the level of EPA standards for drinking water.

Customer Reviews

Results seem legit

 on December 15, 2015
By Tank-Less
I had a new whole house water filtration system installed and wanted to see if there was any difference between my straight well water and the new faucet water that has been filtered, so I bought two of these tests.

Very satisfied with this product

 on January 21, 2013
By Dangs
Chances are if you are reading reviews for a carbon-based Radon test kit, you already have a general idea of how they work and what they test for. This test kit comes in a small box, it contains a sealed tray of a charcoal-like substance that you sit in the spot where you want to run the test for 48-72 hours. After that time, you put the kit back into the included envelope along with a completed information card, seal it up, and mail it away for testing to a lab. Simple enough.

Good kit, very easy to use.

 on February 9, 2016
By Sodalug
Quick, most of the strips are nearly instant, the lead and pesticides strip takes 10 mins. The bacteria test takes 48 hours. This one is better than some of the kits that just give you an overall quality rating, this gives you the individual results for each test.

Get the Lead Out

 on November 26, 2013
Our dog and myself had been having some issues and I thought there might be a correlation with the painted bedroom set (Made in China)in our Master Bedroom. Some of the headboard was faded, where our dog licks it occasionally. Yes, he is the center of the universe and has slept between my wife and I for fourteen years, since he was a puppy.

Yep, it’s a radon test.

 on June 3, 2017
By CookieMonster
This is the kit you’re looking for. Its the canister style, and you leave it out in the area for 48 hours, then send it back to the lab in a prepaid envelope. Very easy. If you hire an inspector to do this same test, it’ll cost you $150+. If you get the kit that looks like this at the hardware store, it costs $10, but there’s a $20-40 fee for the report. With this one it’s all included for about $12, although it takes 2 days to run the test and then a week to get the results. They do have an expedited option (addl cost) if you’re doing due diligence on a home purchase, but it’ll still take 2 days to run and then 2 more days for results. This worked great for us, though.

Thumbs up for fast service! Very helpful product.

 on February 3, 2018
Very pleased with this test kit: reasonable price, easy to use, no testing fees, and quick service on the test results. I did two tests about 2 weeks apart (here in Central PA.). The first test was without an operating radon exhaust system (bad fan motor) and they reported 20.9 pCi/L (Wow!). Then I replaced the fan, started the exhaust system, and after 2 weeks ran another test with results of 0.6 pCI/L. So we’re good to go… and we’ll keep the new radon exhaust fan running at all times.

It Works and is Varifiable

 on August 2, 2017
By Jan Alter
We’ve actually used the First Alert radon test twice now. The first time was to get an initial radon amount and then a follow up test after we had someone come in and fit a radon mitigation system in the basement. The company that did the work followed up with their own lab test from another lab company to show how much the radon had come down. Because we wanted to confirm the results (or because we are either untrustiong or simply dubious) we got another First Alert test kit and did the post test again. The results were within .1% of the company’s test so there was good verification. Incidentally The First time we tested we were showing 7.8 pcl and the second test, after mitigation, showed .7 pcl, so we were happy all around.

Better safe than sorry!

 on September 15, 2015
By A. Edwards
Found an adorable mid-century bean pot at the Goodwill and snapped it up. Then I started worrying that I might poison my family if I wasn’t careful, so I ordered this test kit. I followed the directions for the “leach test” and the pot came up clean! (Yay! Baked beans tonight!)

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