Trapro Cockroach Traps with Bait Included, Non-Toxic and ECO-Friendly – 10 Pack

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Resolve your annoying home insects issue in a safer and ECO way
Simply place some poison bait for roaches may be effective, but it also cause another problem: they may die in any corners of your house that it's difficult to notice, not sanitary and their dead bodies also will attract other creatures. Try this Trapro Insect Trap to catch them first, then use boiling water or simply burn the trap to kill them all is sanitarier and more effective. The Tapro Insect Trap is made of non-toxic material, 100% safe and ECO-friendly.

How to use
1. Open the trap and tear off the paper cover;
2. Place the bait in the middle zone;
3. Fold the trap and place it in where roaches are mostly found.

Tips for better performance
1.Roaches and spiders are shade-loving and wet-loving insect, make sure you place the traps in corners and avoid direct sunshine.
2.Cleaning the surrounded area (food residue, water drop or cocking oil) before placing the trap.
3.Chocolate, sugar and cookie are what roaches can not resist, use them as bait may help you get better result.

Customer Reviews

ICK….it works so GOOD you won’t like throwing it away!

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 on January 15, 2017
By Hoosierfiddler
If you don’t like bugs you won’t like how WELL this works. Just remember when you are throwing this thing away with thick gloves on how many bugs did NOT crawl on you in your sleep because of great inventions like this. I took some and gave the rest to my daughter who hates the spiders in her California apartment. I keep them by my bed – under it, and the most productive spot is on the OUTSIDE of your garage door – my word….crickets, small bugs, big bugs, spiders, even centipedes…..great little box.

An effective weapon against cockroaches

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 on December 6, 2016
By Sue Stone
Yes, we have a roach problem recently, which is so annoying. I bought this and placed them in some most infected area – cupboard and the kitchen sink, and I mixed some chocalate in the bait that came with the traps. I came to check the result next morning, and OMG, found the one in the cupboard was full of small roaches in corners! I did not count how many I got, threw the trap away and set up a new one immediately. Oh boy! These traps are really more than just good.

Work GREAT in bottom of Parrot cages!!!

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 on February 14, 2017
By Ron Belote
We have 3 parrots with cages, and for some odd reason, one cage all of a sudden got roach infested. (We assume something to do with the food but have no idea since it is always extremely fresh, kept in a tightly closed glass container, and all 3 birds in separate cages get the same food. There are no signs of roaches anywhere else in our home except this one cage.

Great non toxic solution.

 on March 10, 2017
By K.M.B.
I’ve been living in my house for 13 years, and this winter is the first time I’ve experienced cockroaches,……uggghhh. aggggh….gag…..and all those other nasty noise. I’ve tried those black discs, but I kept seeing signs of the critters. I tried an ultrasonic device….still kept seeing critters. I decided to buy these and I figured they are worth a try. Ok, so I still see critters, but they are stuck to these traps. Over the course of a few weeks, I see fewer and fewer. Smush he trap onto itself and toss it into the garbage. Bye bye bugs!

Pesty critters

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 on December 28, 2016
By Elizabeth
I live in an apartment for many years and never had problems before until a neighbor moved in that is extremely untidy; I suddenly started to see bugs. We have grandchildren living in the house and is difficult to exterminate; these are a great alternative. We have noticed we have gotten some with the egg sack as well. We have hidden them under the kitchen sink and on the cabinet tops. We just got these before Xmas but have been successful and haven’t really seen too many pest anymore.

Great product

 on February 17, 2017
By Gilbert
We have a roach problem in the kitchen that needs to be continually managed. Using poisons is not an option for us, so we prefer to use traps. We were using the Hoy Hoy traps and were fairly satisfied with them; however, they weren’t always available at the stores and we needed a lot of them. So I decided to look online and found these. Initially I was attracted to the unit price and that there were ten per package. I ordered two packs so we would be supplied for a while.

Roaches Love My Ps4

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 on November 22, 2016
By Jamika W.
Hello everyone..I recently purchased this item and I also bought a preowned ps4 ….I hate bugs, especially roaches..they are gross little things and I had to deal with them when I was younger and I don’t wanna deal with them now. Anyways..I bought a ps4 from a friend…I nor did he know it was roach infestated…I told him about it and he said he would clean it…he does…but there are so many holes and such in the ps4 and it is is impossible to know how many are in there. He gave me the ps4 ‘cleaned’ but as soon as he left..I saw a small roach crawl out…I hurried up and set up this trap I purchased right here…bagged up the ps4 with the trap set on top of the only thing the roaches had to go for food is the bait…this trap worked well for the first couple days…I caught two adult pregnant roaches and I set the trap up again and rebagged the ps4…in a couple more days it should be cleared of roaches…


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 on January 14, 2017
This product is amazing. I ordered these for my sister who had never had a roach problem until someone gave her a bag of clothes which we believe were in the bag. It’s amazing how quickly the multiplied. She had tried the advion gel which that had killed some but it did not get to the root of the infestation. I first ordered her 2 boxes which in each box there are 10 traps, this was around Thanksgiving when she put the 20 traps down. The next morning she called to tell me it was a “massacre”. She stated all 20 traps had caught a lot, you could hear the excitement in her voice. Since that time I have continually ordered her more and today 1/14/17 I am happy to report she is almost roach free. Thank you for such an amazing product, it has been truly a godsend.