StormProof Umbrellas “Unbreakable” Travel Umbrella, Compact, Windproof , Auto Open and Close

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Storm proof's 'unbreakable" umbrella has you covered if you've ever had to throw an umbrella in the trash because it blew inside out on a windy day and broke, then we know you'll appreciate the "unbreakable" construction of our stormproof umbrella, because it means. You stay dry and safe. Enough to protect any adult the canopy is a generous 38 inches (96.5 cm) in diameter, which means it will cover a man or woman, together with whatever they're carrying. Compact and portable even though our umbrella is large, it folds down to a tiny 11 inches (28 cm), allowing you to carry it with you wherever you go so you're never caught out by sudden downpours again. It will fit in your car's glove compartment or in backpacks, briefcases, gym bags, purses, totes and even coat pockets. And because it weighs a mere 13 oz., You'll barely even notice you have it with you. One-handed operation many people don't bother with umbrellas because they think they're all like those old-fashioned ones that required both hands to open, but they obviously don't know about our magic button that automatically and instantly opens or closes your umbrella. Like a samurai warrior, you can remove your umbrella and open it in seconds, almost before the raindrops have time to hit you. Durable construction the shaft and frame are made of black coated metal and fiberglass ribs support the eight canopy panels, which are made from a soft, woven cloth called 190t pongee. We also include a sleeve, which is easy and quick to slip on or off, to protect your umbrella when it's not in use. Get your stormproof lightweight "unbreakable" windproof automatic umbrella today and laugh at the wind and rain.

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Customer Reviews

Sturdy and small

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 on March 12, 2016
By J. Cleveland
I normally buy an umbrella based on size and price. The smallest and the least expensive one gets my money. With this purchase I changed my criteria. I decided to get an umbrella that would last for more than one rain storm and would keep me as dry as possible. I’ve live in Texas where it doesn’t rain very often so I’ve waited to give this umbrella a good test. It has been raining a lot recently. I also normally use an umbrella when I’m driving somewhere so that I open the car door a tiny bit and stick the umbrella out and “inflate” it without getting too wet. This umbrella totally satisfied that desire since it inflates with just one button and when I get back in my car it deflates enough to get it back in my car without my getting too wet. When dry it folds up enough to fit in my car door pocket so it is most convenient for the next use.

Sturdy Umbrella. Held up in 60 MPH Gusts just fine

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 on May 20, 2016
By Momof4
I have been waiting to review this umbrella until I could properly test it. I had been able to use it in the rain but not in the wind. In the rain, it did exactly what an umbrella should do and kept me dry. Today it has been really windy, although not rainy, so I went outside to test it. It felt incredibly sturdy. There is currently a High Wind Warning in effect with winds from 30-40 MPH and gusts up to 60 MPH. With the strong wind it held its shape really well and then a gust hit and the one side bent in a little, but the top of the umbrella didn’t even flex. There was no fear that it would invert.

Really IS worth the money!

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 on March 20, 2016
By Sheen99
I usually buy cheap umbrellas but they break so easily. I figured it probably would cost the same to buy one more expensive, but also more durable umbrella than to buy multiple cheap ones that keep breaking. Then I saw this one and was able to get it at a discount in exchange for my review. Perfect! I couldn’t wait to try it. It arrived a while ago but I waited to give a review until I could really test it out. It’s nice and small so you can toss it in your tote bag or purse so you always have it in case you get some unexpected rain. The weather here can be beautiful one minute and then snowing or raining the next! It’s not super heavy, but you can tell it’s not cheap….about 10 ounces. It does come with a sleeve like many umbrellas do, but I can never get them back in. I can only put it on half way before I can’t get it on anymore. But it doesn’t matter. I don’t need it. The top of the umbrella has a loop so you can carry it easily. To open, all you do is push a button! Yes, I know other umbrellas do that, too, but this one will actually CLOSE with the push of that same button! That’s very hard to find! Just make sure no one is around when you open it, as it has quite the force when it opens so you don’t want anyone to get hurt. When you press the button again to close, it immediately closes and then you have to push it back into place. That may take a little more force than you would think. So push hard on both ends to close it together. There is actually a picture in the listing showing you how to open and close the umbrella. Not that you need a picture, but just so you know what I mean about it being a little hard to put the ends together.


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 on May 31, 2016
By Stephanie A. Stark
Really very nice umbrella. Seems slightly heavier than others this size that I’ve had, but that translates into “better built.” Sturdy, very easy to open and close, large enough to provide excellent coverage/protection. Haven’t used it in a very windy environment as yet but i believe it will stand up quite well. Fits nicely into the case. Very happy with this purchase and highly recommend it.

Hurricane stopper.

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 on September 30, 2016
By Jeramy
Unbelievably sturdy umbrella. Report said to expect a breezy day I instead found myself first day out with it, in rainy hurricane force winds that had the umbrella like a pointed mushrooms heading into the wind. A wind that once even stopped me dead in my tracks. On two occasions I didn’t turn into the wind on time and the umbrella was turned violently inside out. Directed into the wind it flipped right back again with no damage. I couldn’t believe it survived the half hour of this weather only to find myself needing to repeat this an hour later across an open lot in even worse conditions. My wrist was being painfully wrenched about and I resigned myself that at any moment it would be destroyed. Unbelievably it doesn’t even show signs of the ordeal let alone the expected …. ‘ shredded into a crippled mess ‘ as some which I encountered laying about on sidewalks that day.

I love this umbrella!

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 on July 1, 2016
By Donna Gibson
I only buy travel umbrellas that have a cover, so that when I use the umbrella, I can put it back into the cover and not drip water (or at least not drip much). This week I used my StormProof umbrella for the first time. I noticed right off it withheld the wind well. (My last two umbrellas were victims of the wind.) When I reached my destination, I stopped on a covered porch to shake the rain off the umbrella before I put it into the case. I was quite surprised the umbrella was virtually dry when I put it into the cover. I love this umbrella!

An Oregonian’s Opinion

 on December 2, 2016
By Sweet Cheeks
I LOVE THIS UMBRELLA! I live in the Pacific NW where we get rain from October to June so we get decent rain and often. I’ve gone through 3 or 4 different brands of umbrellas but when I got this one and opened it up, I could tell by the quality of the umbrella, that it would last for years. The size is perfect to tuck away in your briefcase or bag and the auto open/close is very convenient. It is somewhat hard to push it back to size when you close it, however, I don’t mind it considering the sturdy parts that are used to construct this umbrella. Consider it a little exercise for your arms and pecs.

Seller contacted me to verify how satisfied I am with his product so for this reason …

 on January 7, 2017
By Sam F.
Arrived on time. Seems well made although I can’t verify how it will hold in strong wind as promised. Seller contacted me to verify how satisfied I am with his product so for this reason I give 5 star review feeling assured that his product will meet my expectations.

Good design, a little heavy for some kinds of travel

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 on July 13, 2016
By susan heideman
The size is good but it’s heavier than I would have liked. I’m thinking of the weight it adds to a small piece of luggage. Other than that, it’s well-designed. I used to have a smaller, somewhat flimsier and much lighter collapsible travel umbrella. It was sturdy enough for my purposes, and the perfect size for my needs. Unfortunately I lost it and have not found one like it anywhere. This is a much sturdier, much better-constructed umbrella, but it does add weight to a small travel bag, especially when that bag includes toiletries, clothes, shoes, and a laptop (which mine always does). I travel often between Boston and NY and in both cities I take that bag up and down sometimes-steep stairs for getting into and out of subway stations. A small rolling bag must be carried on those stairs. In that situation every ounce counts. I suppose my situation is unique in that respect. For most travelers it would probably be an excellent choice.