Lifetime 80160 Commercial Height Adjustable Folding Utility Table, 4 Feet, White Granite

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  • Lifetime 80160 Commercial Height Adjustable Folding Utility Table, 4 Feet, White Granite
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Lifetime 4 foot commercial adjustable height folding tables are constructed of high-density polyethylene and have three adjustable height settings; 22-inch, 29-inch and 36-inch. They will not crack, chip or peel, and are built for indoor and outdoor use. The patented steel frame design provides a sturdy foundation and is protected with a powder-coated, weather-resistant finish. Backed by a ten-year warranty, lifetime adjustable height tables are perfect for your home, office outdoor activities and more

Customer Reviews


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 on October 18, 2013
By Jerry H. Bond
My wife has been using one of these tables for over a year and loves it. She wouldn’t let me have hers so I bought one for myself. We have no complaints.

Sturdy – Help 200 pounds

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 on June 12, 2013
By J. Layton
I wanted to get a table with adjustable legs because I use tables for product photography. The taller legs make it easier to shoot the products. I also disply items on these tables. A taller table means the viewer does not have to bend over so much. The table is definitely well constructed and uses quality materials. Set-up is easy. The table is relatively light compared to solid wood/particle board tables.Recently I had to place a 200 pound object on the table, an aquarium filled with water. The table never groaned. No bowing or creaking. I am completely satisfied and recommend this table.

Nice table

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 on May 8, 2015
By Pen
I use this table as a computer desk. I have a hard time thinking of this as a table anymore because to me it’s a desk. It holds a large laptop, a mouse, a pencil cup, a calculator, cell phone and 1 stack of papers while still having room for my elbows as I type. This table is sturdy if not abused and it is easy to clean with just a damp cloth. There is no assembly required. Upon receipt all I had to do is adjust the legs to a comfortable height. The quality is good and I can see myself using this table daily over the next few years.

Affordable, sturdy, handy

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 on December 26, 2013
By Nadine P. Schmidt
I use this table for sewing and crafts. I use it at the top height, and love that I can stand or sit on a bar stool and work comfortably at it (I am 5′ 4″). It is well made, and I had no trouble adjusting the legs by myself. I also like that it is a compact size, since my sewing room is tiny. If I am cutting through layers of fabric and have to bear down hard, it does wobble just a tiny bit, but it’s not been a problem. (I have it set up on carpet, so that may help.) Buyers should be aware that, because the edge of the table top is beveled, the flat working surface is a little smaller than 24 x 48. I have a 24 x 48 cutting mat, and the mat edges do hang over a bit. Again, I’ve been able to work with that just fine.

Table is so amazing that I am buying a second!!

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 on August 6, 2013
By Heather
I already own one of these tables. i have used it as a sewing table, a dinner table with four chairs (my kitchen is sooo tIny) as a prep table at counter height, a dessert table (with a full tablecloth, no one is the wiser!), a display table, a presentation table, a kids art table, a picnic food center, a grilling stand, and an outdoor table. This table is absolutely perfect! I need a second one as I just bought a desktop computer and am just financially challenged enough that I cannot afford to buy a desk right now – but this is a fabulous interim desk that will one day become a kids craft area table or a child’s make- shift desk. I know that sounds cheesy, but it really works so well that it is just one of those pieces I can certainly use two of!

4 foot adjustable height table by Lifetime

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 on August 28, 2010
By jlp-kobs
I own some tables from Lifetime and have been very pleased with the quality of their tables. As a crafter, it is sometimes nice to be able to stand and work having a table at more than 30 to 35 inches in height. This table is great, adjusting from a low height (perfect for toddlers), to a a standard height for sitting do work at, or the tallest height, perfect for standing! The table is durable, easily adjustable, and just perfect for a variety of needs…and at a very reasonable price for a table of its kind!

Good, sturdy table with one suggestion that would make it excellent!

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 on April 12, 2012
By Jotaluke
We have an older Lifetime table that is no longer available. This table is the direct model replacement with the exception that our old table did not have height adjustable legs. The table is extremely sturdy stable and rugged, hence the higher price paid. We love the table height adjustments, which allow for our grandchildren to use it at their level, it adjusts to an adult sitting height and also adjusts to a counter top height. Very intuitive thinking Lifetime! The only gotcha that would make this table perfect is the leg height adjustments are a pain. To adjust the table height, you must push in a metal pin that protrudes from a hole in each leg. You either have to have two people do this at the same time on each leg, or you have to push in one at a time and sort of pull up that leg to make it cockeyed so the pin won’t fall back in to its resting place and lock that leg back to its current height level. Then you have to push in on the other pin on the other leg before that leg will adjust ONE level. Now, if you want to adjust it to the highest counter top level, you have to go through this for EACH table height adjustment. This is not a deal breaker, but it sure is a big hassle. Then when you want to pack the table away, you have to go back through all those motions to get the legs to their shortest length so they will fold up in to the latches built in to the underside of the table. This table could be pefect if it came with some type of tool to hold the pins in place while adjusting the height.

sewing table

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 on March 10, 2011
By Amazon Customer
Great table for the money, and it is the right height for me to stand and cut fabric. I do quilting and there is a lot of cutting involved. It is also just the right size.

Love it!

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 on April 30, 2015
By Steven Thompson
Perfect for me. I purchased this to use as a fabric cutting table. Its perfect for this at its tallest height. Small enough to stash behind the couch when not in use in my tiny appartment.

So multi-purposed!

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 on June 3, 2015
By diana
Pictures are worth a thousand words so I added one! I love this nifty little table! So multi-purposed! I used it in a home I was staging to sell!